Agri Tourism

Agriculture is a most important occupation in our country including Maharashtra. But, today it has become unprofitable due to irregular monsoon, prices fluctuations of Agri commodities and some internal weakness of the agriculture sector. Hence there is need to do some innovative activities in the agriculture, which will help to farmers, rural people.

Urban population is increasing day by day in Mumbai, Maharashtra; today the urban people’s world is restricted in the closed door flats, offices, clubs, television, video games, spicy fast food, computer and internet and so on. They see nature only on television or screen of the computers. More over some people living in the cities do not have relatives in villages and they never visited or stayed in village. These peoples want enjoy rural life but there is problem of such type of facilities. And also most of the people come from an agricultural ancestry, they want to learn more about what their great grand parents or grandparents did for a living. This is great opportunity to get back to the rural roots.

Agriculture as a business is becoming more and more expensive and many farmers cannot afford it. Add to this the gradual loss of fertility of land that is giving diminishing yields. Unless and until the farmers start business of any form to compliment and support to their income from land, they shall be doomed to eke out a bare existence below poverty line.

ATDC has formed a guidance committee to tender advice in order to encourage farmers to establish small and viable business like Agri Tourism units on the farm in the villages.


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